Gala Pinoy Redux is Cedric A. Solidon’s travel and photography blog, with an occasional offbeat humor thrown in.

The blog originally started in late 2006 as Gala Pinoy, where the author shared his early travels to different parts of the country. However, the website was eventually taken down and the domain name never renewed due to technical problems.

Enter Gala Pinoy Redux

Gala Pinoy Redux is a reboot, a new lease at life to an old blog because of a renewed love for travel, and a realization of a childhood dream: taking photographs.

Thus, in this blog, the author shares his travel stories through words and photos.

Travel Blog with a Little Humor Thrown In

Traveling sometimes can be stressful, especially when traveling to destinations for the first time. Thus, the author unloads some of the stress by sharing humorous travel insights and photos along the way, found in his funny travel posts category.

If you don’t find them funny, then it’s either because of your lack of sense of humor, or the author isn’t funny at all. If it’s the latter, throw bananas at him, like this one:

About the Author

Although the author likes talking about himself, he’s too embarrassed doing so in public and among strangers.

But then again, what the hell.

Cedric A. Solidon is a freelance copywriter by day and a music and photography buff during his free time (read: most of the time). He also travels to get some sun as he stays at home most of the time.

In Gala Pinoy Redux, he attempts to combine and share his passion for writing and photography. If he sucks at both, then tell him to stop immediately by contacting the author.

An alumnus of UP’s College of Mass Communication, he’s also a published writer of sorts. He’s had some of his works published at Action & Fitness Magazine (Summer 2007 issue), and Appetite Magazine Online.

Appetite Magazine Online – SM Mall of Asia’s Seafood Festival

Cedric A. Solidon Photo Sample