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5 Things To Do In Siem Reap Cambodia | Gala Pinoy Redux

5 Things To Do In Siem Reap Cambodia

Siem Reap is without a doubt THE tourist destination in Cambodia. Sure, there are other places to go to around the country, but if you only have a weekend to explore it, go to Siem Reap. Here are the 5 must-do things in the city, starting with…

Angkor Wat.

1. Explore the temples. This is the main reason why people go to Cambodia. You can start off with the most famous one, the Angkor Wat, then move on to other smaller, but no less impressive ones, like the Bayon Temple, Banteay Srey, and Baphuon. It usually takes two full days of temple hopping before you experience the so-called “temple fatigue”. So go slow and go for quality over the quantity of temples you visit.

Siem Reap Market Scene

2. Go to the market. Drop by the market near the Siem Reap river to buy trinkets and souvenirs. You could also enjoy light snacks there, and even full meals. It’s also close to other restaurants along and around Pub Street where you can…

Pub Street

3. Enjoy cheap beer. With just 50 US cents, you can already enjoy a mug of local draft beer. Of course there are other selections too, from imported beers to cocktails. Even if you aren’t a heavy drinker, you can order just one bottle and then go people watching for the rest of the night.

Ton Le Sap Lake

4. Ride a boat to Ton Le Sap Lake. Being a tropical country, Cambodia receives ample rain throughout the year. How ample? Enough to flood rivers and Ton Le Sap Lake. Signs along the Siem Reap River show how high the water can go up during the rainy season.

Girl Playing Outside the Temple

5. Meet the people. Cambodians are warm and friendly that it’s easy to feel comfortable around them. Case in point, our Tuktuk driver, Bun Loeun. He wasn’t much of a talker, but he made it a point to answer our questions about local food and culture, and even gets in touch with us until today.*

*We stayed at The Villa Siem Reap. The place is highly-recommended, with clean and large rooms, tasty meals, and a fantastic staff. If you plan on staying there, I recommend you look for Mr. Loeun.

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  1. Fabiana wrote:

    I am definitley going to visit the market and will look for food and will try as much as I can :)

  2. JONtotheworld wrote:

    This post brings back a lot of good memories of Siem Reap.

    Will definitely go back. :)

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