I’m Back, Sort Of

Eastwood City, Dec 2012

Well hello there, blogosphere. I’m back. Well, sort of. Still experimenting with the layout. Which is new by the way. If you haven’t noticed that, then chances are that you’re new here. New visitor or not, welcome either way.

So here’s the general plan for 2013, if you care to listen:

1. I’ll focus more on photos
2. I’ll focus more on stuff that make traveling easier
3. Of course, travel as often as I could

I still need to figure out how I’ll do those things, but that should be a good start.

That’s it for now. See you around. :)

– Cedric

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  1. Hey Ced! good to see your site up and running again! Cheers to more for 2013!

  2. Thanks Gian! Have a great year ahead of you too!

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