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Love Always Finds This Insanely Good-Looking Traveler (True Story) | Gala Pinoy Redux

Love Always Finds This Insanely Good-Looking Traveler (True Story)

[tweetmeme] I hate being good-looking.

Okay, many people wish they were, but believe me, there’s nothing there but trouble.

Why? Let me tell you why.

You see, over the years that I’ve been traveling, I gradually realize that being insanely good-looking can be a liability rather than an asset.

Take for instance the time my friends and I went to Bantayan Island, a story which I’ll call…

Binantayan sa Bantayan

At the port in Bantayan, there was this guy driving a pedicab who offered to take us to where we’re going to stay in the island. He then asked us what our plans were, like the activities we’re going to do and the places we’re going to check out. So we politely answered his questions until we eventually realized that he was focusing his attention solely on me. So I felt pretty relieved when we finally got off the pedicab and went to our room.

I thought that was the last time we’d see him.

That night, we decided to have dinner at a nearby eat-all-you-can restaurant. The place had a native setting, with a gate that’s wide open and a number of small native huts where one could eat.

That’s when we saw my admirer waiting outside the gate. He smiled at us, and we smiled back just to be polite. Before we knew it, he already went into the restaurant and proceeded to our table.

So what are you going to do tonight? He was asking me.

WTF dude, leave me alone.

What time are you going back to Cebu tomorrow?

I’m not going to tell you.

Would you like to have a tour around the island tonight?

Geebus, sorry but I dig girls, thank you very much.

Call me paranoid, but if somebody makes you feel uncomfortable, then you really need to stay away from that person.

So I hurried to finish off my food, so we could go back to home base as soon as possible. The following morning, we left Bantayan early just in case the dude decided to drop by and try to be friendly with me again.

Or maybe I was sending out the wrong signal because of the name of the place where we stayed?

Photo courtesy of Trish Tan.

Having something like that happen to you once could be a coincidence. but then I remembered an earlier trip to Legazpi that also left me feeling a little uncomfortable. Let’s call this story…

Mga Eksenang Mas Maanghang Pa Sa Bicol Express

My usual travel buddies and I went to Camarines Sur a few years ago. And one of the places we went to at the time was a beach somewhere in Legazpi. The beach was honestly unnattractive, so none of us went to the water.

But unnattractive probably wasn’t what a kid there was thinking of when that kid saw me.

Why? Because this kid joined our group, took a glance at me a few times and my friends swore that they saw a glint in the kid’s eyes whenever the kid looked at me. After a while, this kid went back to the beach and swam. Then returned again, this time singing love songs within earshot. Was this kid crooning, trying to attract my attention? I say no. But my friends still say otherwise.

Oh, the kid’s somewhere in this photo by the way.

Can’t see the kid? Here’s a crop of the photo.

Yep, the kid’s a dude. And his name is Michael.

So you see, it’s not totally fun being good-looking, especially if you’re getting the wrong kind of attention from the wrong people. But I’m not in the position to complain. If being good-looking’s my curse, then I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it.

This post is a part of the ‘Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival’ about the Most Romantic Places in the Philippines hosted by Solitary Wanderer.

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  1. Aleah wrote:

    This is really funny. Shouldn’t you be flattered that men of all ages are dropping like flies at your feet? hahahhaa

  2. john n. wrote:

    Suweeet blano. I feel you brother!

  3. Ikaw na Cedric, ikaw na ang boy magnet hehehe

  4. @Aleah: I guess I should. But I still shudder at the thought. Haha.
    @John: Amen blano! Haha.
    @Claire: Do I blush now? Haha.

  5. Chichi wrote:

    What a FUN take on this month’s theme! Had me laughing ever since I read Hard Kock Kafe

  6. nanaxiu wrote:

    wahahaha. hard kock kafe! hahahaha! lapitin ka pala! LOL!

  7. Mahirap talaga ang binantayan cedric….lapitan sa mga CHAAAR [say with a loud voice, bai], not the soft one.

  8. Hahaha!I remember Hard Kock Cafe. That’s where my wife and I hang out when we were in Bantayan 4 years ago. I even took a snapshot of their logo, send it to FHM ang it was published in the Letters to the Editor page.Nice post Cedric. Mahirap talaga maging pogi! : )

  9. hahahaha! lupet! cedric, baka naman kasi meron ka ng mga panahon na yun kaya naaattract sila sa iyo.

    tip: suot ka na ng knuckle ring tapos bago pa makaporma, sabihin mo, “sige, subukan mo lang lumapit at makakatikim ka!”

    that should be enough to send them off. :D

  10. rob wrote:

    .. kala ko naman valentine’s post ito.. sa bagay it’s about love at first sight – coming from the wrong eyes nga lang! lol!

  11. haha yan ang sikat! ;p sayang, nakalimutan ko magpa-autograph sayo kagabe! haha

  12. pinoy boy wrote:

    ha ha ha ayos brad! crush ng bayan ka pala kapag nagbibiyahe! penge tips!

  13. @Rob: It’s a love story, only that I’m at the receiving end and I don’t want it. Haha.
    @Gael: Ikaw nga tong dinudumog ng mga tao kagabi sa Pyro eh. Mas matindi pa daw sa fireworks ang appeal mo. Haha.
    @PB: Haha. Sige yaan mo, darating din tayo dyan. Haha.

  14. Ed wrote:

    This cracked me up Ced! hahahaha

  15. ibang klase ka ced… di ko maiisip na eto ipapass mo sa blog carnival. hahaha,
    labas pwet ni michael!

  16. […] for this month’s blog carnival, is Cedric of GalaPinoy’s heartfelt lament. Why, he asks, does Love Always Find This Insanely Good-Looking Traveler? In Bantayan Island, Cebu, he had a hard time fending off the attentions of a pedicab driver and a […]

  17. Nathalie wrote:

    hahaha funnny, good read to start the day.. :)

  18. Carlo wrote:

    Mabilib na kunta ak blano han imo kaguapo kaso mga bayot man naruruyag la ha im hehehe.

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