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Destination: Anywhere | Gala Pinoy Redux

Destination: Anywhere

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When talking to fellow travelers, one of the questions that often come up is about where your favorite destination is.

For me, the answer’s simple: anywhere I could travel.

Let me explain.

You see, questions like that is like asking parents who their favorite child is. So for me, choosing one among the places that I’ve been to is kind of unfair since each destination means something to me, and each has something different to offer. So I’d rather let it stay that way. I’m happy whenever and wherever I travel. Well, save of course when I’m running late to my next flight or when I face blunders while on the road. You get the point.

Aside from that, having this kind of attitude enables me to open myself up to different opportunities to explore, to learn, and to grow–practically the things that I’m after when I travel. Once I start thinking I’ve found the ultimate destination, then I’d be bored with traveling altogether and I’ll just stay at home and do something else.

Which sends me to my next–and last–point.

Anywhere includes my home sweet home. Frequent travelers would tell you that it can also be tiring to be always on the road all the time. It’s still nice to be somewhere familiar, including the place, the food, and the bed. You can get all these at your own home. So after being on the road for a long time, I’m also happy to go home too, but not only for the familiarity of the place, but also the warmth of being with people I love.

This post is yours truly’s entry to the first ever Pinoy Travel Blogger’s Blog Carnival, hosted by Estan Cabigas.

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